From the moment a child enters the world as a twinkle in the eye of a parent, they are cherished. BabyFeet jewelry celebrates that life in an iconic form, those tiny little feet that have never been walked on. From the 14-karat gold to the semi-precious stones, these pieces offer quality that will last a lifetime. Lovely enough to be saved for special occasions, yet sturdy enough to make it through the day-to-day, BabyFeet lets women keep their heart with them everywhere they go.
  1. Paws

  2. 14KT Gold Charms

    14KT Gold Charms
  3. Sterling Silver and Gold

    Sterling Silver and Gold
  1. Sterling Silver

    Sterling Silver
  2. Charm Bracelets

    Charm Bracelets
  3. Signature Sterling

    Signature Sterling
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